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The K.O. Influencers Podcast

Sep 26, 2019

On this episode we get to spend an amazing hour with Judi Caserta, Associate Athletic Director for Business Operations at Canisius College and learn why "everybody wants to have #GriffinDNA".  Judi has been at Canisius since 1976 and join us to talk about the objectivity of numbers, the changes she has seen in the NCAA, including the costs (HINT: Become a college sports official!), and what can be done with an Adidas shoe box of receipts.  You'll learn about the first lease at "The Aud", what Joe Carter, Steve Tasker, Al Leiter's no-hitter and a full-length fur coat have in common.  Also answer the question, "What can you do in 1 minute, 8 seconds?"  Its a great ride on this episode!